Agencia Meliá Vives, S.L. is your trusted consignee company in Port Mahón. In our offices we provide different services such as ship agents, freight forwarder and stevedore. Maritime traffic, provision of services to shipowners and cargo ships, luxury ships and army ships, are a specialty for which we have been recognized throughout our long history.

Port Mahón is located on the east coast of the island of Menorca, it is one of the largest natural ports in the Mediterranean, with more than 6km in length, with characteristics that make it unique. It is a port steeped in history that sheltered ships and naval fleets since the 3rd century BC. It has two islands in its bay: Illa del Rei, which was used as a military hospital, and the island of Llatzaret, used as a quarantine hospital in the 18th century.

The port offers the following services:

  • Mooring service.
  • Pilots.
  • Tugboat.
  • Solid waste reception.
  • Reception of liquid waste.
  • Handling of goods.
  • Passenger services.