AGENCIA MELIÁ VIVES S.L. consignee, freight forwarder and stevedoring company in the Port of Mahón, founded more than 60 years ago, in 1958.

It started as a family business that has evolved. During its trajectory, it has seen the development of the island of Menorca, technological change and finally, the growing internationalization of the economy that together, have made it progress, adapt to the times and carry out its work in the best way at all times.

The consignee department, is specialized in the tourism sector, it started as a cruises and warships agents and then started working also with luxury yachts, offering the services that these clients on the island of Menorca require. We provide any kind of assistance to all types of boats, whether they are supplies, repairs, reservations, health care and transport, among many others.

The forwarding company has provided assistance with an agile response system for multimodal transport between the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. The specialization of the transport equipment and the versatility of the services offered, allow us to be a connecting link for different parts of Spain.

Finally, in the stowage, there has been a substantial modification of the port work, in its organization and also towards the operation of trucks. In the other operatives, such as bulk, ro-ro and containerized, we have one of the largest capacities of all the positions in the Balearic Islands.

Consignee and freight forwarder in Mahón

Since 60 years ago, Agencia Meliá Vives, S.L. has been an increasingly important reference in the provision of services to all types of boats in Mahon. We are a versatile company that integrates services like ship agents, freight forwarder and stevedore. In this way we have managed to be recognized as a very complete agency in the maritime sector.

As a company, we have made great contributuons to the town. As a freight forwarder we have intervened in the design and organization of more agile systems in multimodal transport between the Balearic Islands and the peninsula. We have ventured into the tourism field, first with cruises, then with luxury yachts, always offering truly complete services in different areas.

We are an experienced and versatile company

Our most outstanding characteristics throughout all of our years in business have undoubtedly been experience and capacity to adapt. Our experience is reflected in our contributions to a more fluid economy between ports. Meanwhile, our versatility is evidenced by being an agency capable of offering services aimed at satisfying the true needs of our clients.

In this way we have managed to best fulfill our functions as a consignee, freight forwarder and stevedoring company. Our costumers can rely on Agencia Meliá Vives, S.L. for assistance to vessels of all kinds, whether they need repairs, reservations, health support, transport and everything you need in port matters.